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If you’re over the age of 50 and shopping for an annuity, we will find you the highest guaranteed monthly income from the top annuity companies.

Most people don’t know the variables of buying an income annuity. On this website, you’re going to learn that guaranteed income payments vary widely! Most people make the mistake of buying an annuity from an agent who only picks from one or a handful of insurance companies, buys an annuity through their bank, doesn’t understand the hidden annuity fees, or simply buy something that they don’t need. Let’s face it, understanding and buying an annuity is very complicated, and make one simple mistake, and it can cost you thousands of dollars! We will cut through the clutter and provide you with the top three guaranteed income annuity payment options.

If you let us scout the market for you, we’ll find a plan that gets you more out of your annuity purchase. Our clients end up with iron-clad plans that gross them up to $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 of more retirement income every year! We work with 40 of the top insurance companies in America and will save annuity buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s simple, fill out the form below, and we’ll run quotes from the top insurance companies with the highest guaranteed income payouts. That’s money that goes right into your pocket.


I have an agent I have worked with in the past but I soon came to realize that he wasn’t an annuity expert.

What! This insurance company I found on my own was going to pay me $50,000 year in income. The quote I received from Your Wealth Expert found me an annuity that pay $61,267 per year of income. You would never think about shopping for the highest guaranteed monthly income rates, but I’m glad I did. That’s over $11,000 of additional income every year. That is a lot of money.

You would never think about shopping for the highest guaranteed monthly income rates, but I’m glad I did.

Most people make the wrong decision when it comes to buying an annuity.

When this occurs, the annuity purchased will most likely benefit the agent or advisor selling it more than you the buyer. That’s why we created this website. People use other sites like this for finding the best mortgage rates, airline fairs and hotel pricing so why not find the best annuity?

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to find the Top Annuity Companies that will provide the Highest Guaranteed Monthly Income

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Sample Report:

Below is the sample report you’ll receive. You can clearly see that there are nearly 80 annuity products and the guaranteed income payments vary wildly. Select the wrong annuity and it can cost you over a $100,000. The income payouts below are based on the following assumptions:

Male age 58 and a female age 58. A lump-sum premium deposit of $250,000. Income payments are deferred 10 years and the guaranteed income payments begin at age 68.

The best guaranteed income product on this list pays $26,355/yr. of income while the worst product pays $19,138/yr. of income. This is a difference of $7,217 per year! And over a 15-year period that’s a difference of $108,255. You can let the insurance companies keep that money or you can get that money, the choice is yours.

You can clearly see that one wrong move can cost you thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of money!

From the report we send you, you’ll be able to clearly identify the top 3 highest income payout companies/products. It’s like going to a hotel reservations site that aggregates the top hotel prices according to your criteria.

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We will help you find the top annuity companies that will provide the highest guaranteed monthly income.


When buying an annuity there are two groups of people. Those who don’t have a clue and those who think they do! People who don’t have a clue (or work with someone who is not an expert) end up realizing they bought a bad annuity right away, a year in, five years in or even 20 years after the purchase. An even worse off group, are the folks who think they’ve been educated enough but fall way short.

Basically, in the world of annuity buying, if you are not an expert you are an amateur. If you are not a surgeon you wouldn’t perform surgery and if you are not an astronaut you can’t command the International Space Station. If you’re not an annuity expert don’t buy one!

Below are the top mistakes individuals make when buying an annuity:

• Not having a clear understanding of why they’re buying the annuity in the first place
Not clearly understanding the annuity being bought happens very frequently. When this occurs, the annuity purchase may benefit the agent or advisor selling it more than the purchaser.


• Buying the wrong type of annuity
There are hundreds of insurance companies and thousands of annuity products. Not all annuities are created equal, and the ones that work best for one person may not work at all for another. You need to fully educate yourself on what annuities are and understand everything about any plan you may be interested in.


• Buying an annuity from an insurance company that has poor financial strength
Since the annuity payments are guaranteed by the financial strength of the insurance company it’s important to partner with a financially strong insurance company.


• Not shopping around
Committing to one insurance company or a financial advisor (agent) without comparing all the other options is like going to one airline site and hoping to find the lowest fare to a particular destination.


• Not understanding what you’re paying in annuity fees
Costs and fees vary from one annuity to the next and from one company to another, and if you’re not educated the agent or company your working with might not be inclined to tell you. When it comes to fees, most people don’t have a clue.

• Buying an annuity that does not align with your goals
Make sure that the annuity you pick is aligned with your overall financial needs. Explore all your options to make sure neither you nor your family will be shortchanged.


• Buying an annuity without having a comprehensive income distribution plan
Before you buy an annuity make sure it’s part of your overall income distribution plan. Make sure you define all of your income sources and harvest income properly from those sources so you don’t run out of money during retirement.


• Buying an annuity with a high bonus or a high guaranteed income roll-up
We’ve seen too many instances where an annuity with a high bonus or high guaranteed income increase may not offer the highest guaranteed monthly income.


• Choosing the wrong annuity payout option
Annuities offer multiple payout options from single life, joint life, or income for a specific period just to name a few. For example, one annuity could be the best for a single payout but subpar if the joint life payout is chosen. Here again, there are a myriad of options that need to be thoughtfully considered not haphazardly decided.

If you Need Help with an Annuity Purchase you’ve come to the Right Place.

We are expert annuity purchasers, we have the relationships with the top carriers to curate the options and we are masters at providing the top three options that match the purchaser’s goals. It’s important because it’s about you, not us!

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Buy an annuity that benefits YOU, not the agent selling it!

We will find you the top annuity companies that provide the highest guaranteed monthly income.

Why Us:
Most people make the wrong decision when it comes to buying an annuity. When this occurs, the annuity purchased will most likely benefit the agent or advisor selling it more than you the buyer. That’s why we created this website.

Need to Maximize Your Income?
We work with 40 of the top insurance companies in America, compare rates based on your specific need and as a result save annuity buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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